More pages of controller assignments

This is a really simple feature request, so I assume it’s been discussed.

I seem to run out of knob/button assignments, with only three pages. Is there any possibility of a fourth or fifth page of assignments?

The Mod Duo X, has a lot of horsepower, and I run out of knobs before I hit 50%


Source: Release 1.10.0-RC1

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Yeah, we doubled the amount of actuator pages from 3 to 6 in the 1.10 release.


This is awesome - one of the things I love about the Mod Duo is how much you can pack into that little box, so getting more control of it is welcome indeed!


Would it be optionally possible - maybe in Device Settings - to double the number of actuation pages from 6 to 12?
With the MOD DUO X you can load/use many plugins.

Hey @khz! Can you tell us a bit more about the particular use case for more required pages?

I have been mostly fine with the 6 pages, but my use case is about organization. I’m not using the Mod with a guitar, I’m using it to make loops and have multi-channel effects chains. So I like to have all the controls for a single chain of effects, or single loop audio path all on one page.

Usually page one is input settings, and any effects I want pre-loop.
Page 2 = first loop settings and effects.
Page 3 = second loop settings and effects.
etc. etc.
Page 6 final output mixer, loop levels and reverb/effect settings.

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Example: under construktion
Hardware: Sonicsmith P1+ and Eventide Rose.
Bass >> P1+_Thru >> DuoX input 1 with effects.
Bass >> Pi+_out >> Rose >> DuoX input 2 with effects.
P1+ controls via CV AMS synthesizer with effects.

Among other things, I want to be able to adjust as much as possible on the synthesizer.


WOW! Lot’s of stuff here haha

Thank you @khz and @S_Righteous for the feedback. This is really nice for us to evaluate the request :wink: We keep you updated if we decide to go for it and if yes, how many pages. Some things to implement may be a bit more tricky.