My first recording in a full Linux environment ^^


Check out my first recording with ModDuo pedalboards in a full Linux environment.

Setup: Linux Mint, Reaper Daw, Mod Duo, Uhe Hive Synths

Feel free to discover the whole track, now available on Spotify/SoundCloud… and many more.

I know it took a very long time before I posted new audio material online again, been having a busy year with too much other stuff …
The Road To Synchronicity is a just a pure and personal melody, I needed to record this as therapeutic process before being able to continue struggling through life’s upcoming adventures.
Just wanted to share this :wink:

Maybe later more… but first summer!

Feedback is certainly welcome!
I know I didn’t do a good mastering, I’m not good in producing, however, I did want to explore the Mod Duo and I was glad Reaper was working natively in a full Linux environment. It’s just a first recording. I did the artwork myself too, as always.



Great share, thanks !
I thought you would also share the pedalboard you used :smiley:


I’ve shared a few boards online yet here:

(but in the meantime I already changed/modified them a lot)
There are a few clean and echo boards, inspired from the Zenpoolzone ones that I changed a lot to fit the tone I needed for my guitar:


Loved the pedalboards, thanks for sharing and for providing such detailed descriptions!