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C0d3man (Holger)

Don't forget the white noise for a real Rhodes :-)

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This is simply awesome!!!

Very good sound :slight_smile:

Nice nice, that’s some rich sounds coming out of that!
Do you have some more jewel presets for us Holger? :smiley:

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Sorry for answerimg late… I am in spain and do not have internet all the time :slight_smile:

I have some pedalboards but cannot upload because of instable plugins (see other discussion). Perhaps this would be fixed soon I can upload some splitted multi sound boards (e.g. bass, piano, drums).

But the MDA E-Piano is my absolute favorite!!! Will use it on stage very soon!

If I can make a native LV2 port for Dexed my heavy equipment will be much lighter :slight_smile:

Regards, Holger

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