New Duo-heavy album out now :)

…not sure what category this goes in now that ‘Duos in the Wild’ has gone, but I’m guessing it’s a MOD Devices related event, cos I’ve just released my latest solo album and it’s drenched in Duo sounds :slight_smile:

Here it is - - you can hear it there, buy it if you want, and if you’re really enamoured with what you hear, you can subscribe and get everything I put out for £20 a year (thanks SO much to those of you who already have - apart from anything else, it pays for the time I spend making new sounds, so hopefully I get to pay some of that forward when I upload new patches for people to play with here :wink: )

Anyway, all the bass sounds (which is pretty much everything except the percussion and two rather obvious piano-based sounds played on the Quneo) are through the Duo - a few of them are augmented with stomp boxes, but even those are shaped most decisively by the amp and cab simulation and the reverbs in the Duo.

I’m loving the exploration of finding out just how far I can stretch the processing power of this box :slight_smile:

Enjoy (and if you’re in England, I’ve got an album launch gig on Nov 19th - - come say hello :slight_smile: