New Peripherals Incoming - Beta Testing Phase


Yes - but not on stage… :wink:


aww, c’mon… you’ve never taken, say, a breadboard on stage? :wink:


so does the current shield have the Control Chain ports on it (waiting, presumably to be implemented on the software side), or is it USB-only now even in hardware, and we’ll have to replace it when there’s a proper control chain shield?


Sure - but I try to keep my (cabling on the) board as simple as possible (really not an easy task). I don’t want to go on stage and somewhere between my cables and pedals is a USB hub which won’t work or a USB-cable is broken, USB-plug is not fully plugged in, … For me these are things I can avoid - and I will do so.


There is a misunderstanding here. The shield itself is not programmable. Its function is signal conditioning. This is, make possible the Arduino to communicate with the MOD using the same electrical standard.

Yes. It has the Control Chain ports, that is actually what it’s meant for. The USB mentioned before is the Arduino one, not the shield. There is no USB in the Control Chain shield.

No. This is the proper shield already.


@ricardocrudo great… thanks so much for that clarity! :sunny:


Anyone else wants a ride on the Beta wagon?

Footswitches are coming!


And here are the dimensions (in milimeters) for those eager to arrange some space in their pedalboards :wink:


And don’t forget those lovely Arduino Shields:


all the toys! :heart_eyes:

fortunately, my gig calendar is looking pretty empty in the next few months, so i can dig into some R&D!..


I can’t wait to try out the footswitch!


Nice :slight_smile:


Lookin’ great! :+1:

What is intended to be shown on the displays?


it has the same features of the Duo’s built in footswitches.

each one has a dedicated line on the LCD display showing info on the addressed control. Just like on the Duo, they also have dedicated RGB LEDs for monitoring.


@dwek @gianfranco

Hello guys!!!

I´m in Brazil! Can I be a part of the Beta Testing Phase?


of course!


When will the shields be shipped?

Regards, Holger


Between today and tomorrow both the Arduino shields and Footswitches will be shipped! :gift:


Will you be sending out tracking numbers to everyone?

Super Excited!!! :smiley_cat: (but not as excited as when I got my Duo… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I will! :wink: