New Tape Emulation on the block

just found this with the new surge release:

made by:

quite decent, might be open for addition into the mod plugin collection…


It’s opensource (gplv3), so why not.

There are quite a lot of options to put into the UI though, but if a similar design could be used that would be great.


Glad you like the plugin!

I had actually spent some time a couple months ago looking at porting some of my plugins for MOD. Unfortuntely, it was not particularly straightforward, as the build system that I use (JUCE + CMake) seemed to have some issues when I tried running it in the MOD plugin builder environment (I don’t remember all the details off the top of my head). I ended up putting the MOD ports on the back-burner while I worked on some other things, but I am hoping to get back to it at some point. In the meantime, if other folks out there would be interested in helping with the porting process, that would be very helpful!


Join #lad and #moddevices on - lets bring chowd to the mod family!


To be clear, a few steps are needed:

  1. Building as LV2 (which is done now)
  2. Special patching for a JUCE linux-embed/nogui build (I need to adjust this from my old JUCE version to the new one)
  3. Patch chowdsp plugins to fully disable the UI stuff

I should import that cmake support in DISTRHO/JUCE repo now that it seems to work well…
Will make this much easier for other devs to build stuff.

Anyway, lets talk more on IRC then.


Great! Yeah, having the steps spelled out like this definitely makes it a little less scary :slight_smile:. I believe Konstantin has made some updates to his JUCE fork based on some conversations with the Surge Synth Team, so I may want to look at editing my Pull Request to DISTRHO to include some of his more recent changes.

Also, it seems like the irc link above is broken?


ah yes, works, though I can say it is a lot better using a desktop client instead of connecting through the browser.
IRC is old stuff, so there are plenty of clients by now :sweat_smile:
We hang out at #moddevices on the freenode server. We are very few, so everyone is welcome.