Oh, right... boo! :( (more loopers...)

trying to implement some loopers here, in a situation where i want BPM to be sync’d to another person. ALO is the logical looper solution in the MOD ecosystem – it’s well-tested for me now, with internal sync.

problem: syncing to incoming MIDI clock is slightly unstable and ALO immediately dumps it’s loops and resets whenever the tempo changes, so fails immediately because the tempo is wandering around a bit.

hrmmmmmm… any ideas?

I don’t have experience with loopers but maybe @falkTX have something to share on this…

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There is always a bit of a drift when using MIDI sync, we cannot escape that.
v1.8 made things a bit better, still not optimal though.
But even if timing is better, there will be drift as the MIDI resolution is not very high.

One idea is just to make the MIDI sync less precise on purpose, so that it will stick into a specific BPM and stay there.
As of v1.8 we are rounding to 2 decimal places. So we could offer an option to round to 1 or even 0 decimal places. That should work for this case perhaps…
What do you think? @plutek


sounds like a great solution for when using MIDI sync… i’d use an option to round to 0 decimal places, if it existed!

thanks, @falkTX!

FWIW I’ve update ALO to use rounded whole-number BPM. I haven’t tested in great depth but hopefully it will work for @plutek’s usecase


wow, beautiful!

i’ll report back, once i’ve had a chance to test!