OSC on the Mod (or why mod-host doesn't like my midi port)


With some helpful prodding, I’ve finally gotten around to trying to get my osc2midi app to work on the mod. It does! yay. Unfortunately it is useless because as soon as I use jack_connect to make the midi output from osc2midi go into the mod-host the CPU meter in the pedal builder races to 100% and it just doesn’t seem to accept the midi (or at least it won’t midi-learn).


Is the mod-host using an alsa-midi type port where osc2midi is a jack port? Whats going on? If I can get this last step resolved we would have a working osc implementation.

I tried this also connecting to a different midi plugin rather than mod-host but the result is the same. When I connect the midi output to jack_midi_dump then it looks fine. I’m confused.


@Jakob is the guy to answer you :wink:

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I assume you are talking about this code

You could compare the function in mod-host that handles incoming MIDI events. See here

One idea, what to check, is that there is no type of event getting stuck in the incoming-ringbuffer, because it is neither handled nor discarded.
Before I invest more time into this issue; how do you plan to get OSC messages into the Duo in a live/stage situation?


That is the code.
We’d use Bluetooth to get osc into the duo. I’ve already verified this works in my system.


Thank you for this information!


the linux audio developer community gave me a hot tip: the mod-host is running as an internal jack client and internal clients don’t like interfacing with external ones. I’m going to add internal client capabilities to osc2midi and see where that gets me. Will report back when done (probably a couple weeks).


I’ve been using OSC Touch on my iphone with Osculator on my mac to control things in Live - it works great - perhaps foolishly I’ve got a Bluetooth dongle and was wondering if that might be a way of getting it working on the Duo with OSC Touch as well… any info on this would be great… thanks


I’ll be sure to update here as thing develop. Unfortunately I’ve hit a brick wall on how to get my app to run properly in the mod as a jack internal client. I need to reach out to get some help.