Pedalboard is suddenly peaking the CPU

I’ve since deleted the offending pedalboard and in retrospect I should not have done that so that I could show it to you all. Anyway, when I first created and saved it there were no CPU spikes whatsoever. It hovered at around 72% but the Dwarf never complained - no glitches and crackles. Last night, everything was hovering at around 88% and seriously spiking as I played.

It also seemed like every pedalboard I’d created was now on average using up more CPU too.

Anyone else have this experience?


Sharing the pedalboards in question allows other users and the MOD team to test them and check for any issues.

Running a pedalboard at high CPU per se doesn’t seem to be an issue, unless you’re always scratching the ceiling – we’re talking 95% plus at all times.

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Which is why I said I wish I hadn’t deleted it.

I understand that.

If you can recall what it was like, try to rebuild it and see if that happens again, and if so, please post/share it.

Other than this, any “ideas” will be theoretical and might not be of any help.

Do you still have any of these?? If so, please check for CPU usage and if possible, post them.

If you believe you’re incurring in undue CPU usage – which would be the case if another Dwarf user loads your pedalboard and gets low CPU readings, then please reach out to support at


I have two questions:
1st: are/were you using any beta plugins?
2nd: have you activated the ground loop compensation feature in the settings?

No beta plugins as far as I know. I only use the ones available at the store and I don’t see any that indicate that they are a beta. And no, I am not using ground loop compensation.

So did this started to happen after updating the device?

Actually, updating the device to the newest firmware seems to have helped the device.
I’ll keep an eye on it.


Perfect. Let us know.

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