Plugin request: automatic feedback elimination


I’m new to the forum and consider buying a MOD Duo. Browsing the plugin gallery I found quite a lot of useful stuff for trimming down my extended rig to only a MOD Duo.

Only thing I am missing is a plugin for automatic feedback elimination (aka anti feedback or feedback destroyer). As a VST plugin there is “Elly Minator” (formerly known as “Howly Shit” for example. But does anybody know, if such a plugin exists in the LV2 world? Or would be able to build one?

Background: I play electric bass and acoustic upright bass in a big band in an acoustic soul combo. For the electric I use some compression, and for solos chorus and/or reverb. The acoustic upright is a bit more complicated. Here I mainly use a low cut filter, slight compression and parametric eq. Depending on the venue and the volume level feedback problems sometimes get massive; as a last rescue on that occasions I use the anti-feedback feature of a Zoom A3 or a Behringer Shark - which both certainly degrade the sound of the bass, but help to keep things going smooth.

With it’s two inputs the MOD Duo seems to be ideal to run both instruments through one box and set up suitable pedalboards for each. So it seems I could trim down my zoo of boxes and save some carrying effort :wink:

Thanks for any input.


i found this:

could not find the source, but maybe its in there…

Nice find, thanks.
But unfortunately they only have it as a feature request on their todo-list and no info about estimated implementation date.