Power supply stopped working

I’m using the CS12. It works really well. I’ve run the Dwarf and the Duo, along with a Shure wireless receiver, Sonic Research Tuner, Boss expression pedal and Morningstar MC3, all at the same time. Handles them with ease. The CS7 may not be able to handle all those together, but I’m pretty sure will handle either the Duo or the Dwarf along with other pedals.


Disclaimer: I’m not an EE, or recommending you try anything.

My internet folklore anecdote is that the Trutones are capable of delivering significantly more current (per port, and overall) than they are rated for, and that the ratings are there to satisfy regulatory agencies and legal departments. (As reported by someone on a forum claiming to have knowledge of Trutone hardware design)


As I understand it, the overall device amperage rating is divided among each individual port as needed, so yes - the draw on each individual port can exceed the rating.

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I guess that I should get a CS12 to be safe, then.

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