Power supply stopped working

Hi everyone,

The power supply of my Duo (Kickstarter unit) suddenly stopped working. All it does is periodically blink its LED but it won’t start the Duo. I probably have another 12V PSU somewhere but could you recommend one or two replacements with low noise floor? Thanks a lot!


I’m running everything on my board with a OneSpot CS12.
This includes the Duo, footswitch extender, Morningstar MC6, Shure wireless receiver, Sonic Research Tuner, Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah, (someday I hope) the Mod Expression pedal. Never had a problem with it. Cables for every conceivable device included. Also has one port for an AC pedal.


Thanks for the suggestion! I checked and found extremely favorable reviews of the Truetone system but the CS12 is overkill considering that I got rid of most of my other pedals. The Duo actually does it all. So yeah, I probably look for a single outlet 12V PSU… or maybe two, so I can power the Dwarf as well.

I’m pretty sold on the Truetone. I think the whole series uses torroidal power transformers and high quality caps - they seem to all be very well built. The quietist I’ve ever used.

Sure you are happy with Truetone – I could not find anything bad about them online. Do you think the CS7 could power the Duo? It only has 1900mA total output compared to the 3000mA of the CS12.

I think the CS7 would be fine for your needs.

I worried about that with the CS12. Powering as many devices as I do, and given the total current requirements of all of them combined I was first skeptical that the CS12 would handle them all. I did a little online research and it seemed that the stated current ratings of most pedals was the maximum they would draw. Under most circumstances they draw considerably less than the maximum rating.

Thanks for bearing with me! I think I’ll get a CS7 then…

I also have a Trutone that I bought after some research and recommendations. Always use your own caution, but I remember seeing some information purporting to be from Trutone engineering that the devices can output more than they are rated for and the published numbers in the specs are chosen to satisfy regulatory and certification matters. Not that I’d trust several hundred spacebucks worth of equipment to an internet anecdote, but I trust the manufacturing quality and reputation of the company that if you’re running at the advertised limits it will be OK. A long time ago in this forum someone also measured the operating current of the Duo and (without external devices) it was running well lower than the included power supply.

Don’t forget that the Duo uses center-positive power supply. (Many pedals, battery packs, etc use center-negative) The Trutone includes a polarity converter cable - make sure whatever you end up with can output the right polarity!


Thanks for your comments, as well, @unbracketed! I read that, too – either their products are this good or they have excellent marketing.

My CS12 has met all my expectations.

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