Problem with DWARF

I have a problem: while I was working on a pedal board all of a sudden the display went without backlighting and purple central(B) led turned on. I have turned the DWARF off and on again but now I cannot connect to moddwarf.local

Well I managed to connect but I wonder why the display no longer had the backlight and why the central led was lit with purple color :thinking:

That is basically a crash of the controller firmware.

Do you recall the last few steps you did before this happened?

I was using knobs 2 and 3 and maybe I pressed them and at the same time I must have touched one of the keys 2 or 3 (manual keys not the footswitches), but I don’t remember what I was setting. The DWARF audio worked but in addition to what I have already written it did not respond to any commands.