Quantized Looping

I’ve been playing with some of the MIDI plugins and sequencers with v1.5 and the host beat clock - very cool!

I was hoping I could make a ‘quantized looper’ by sticking the MIDI Quantize in front of a looper, but it looks like none of the looper plugins suppport MIDI ports and looks like currently no way to map a plugin’s MIDI output to another plugin’s input port ‘MIDI Learn’ assignment

Before I go off forking one of the looper plugins to add MIDI input ports, any other ideas?


There is 1 way, but its a bit of a hack, you need a hardware loopback from the midi out to midi in. See MIDI Loopback - MOD Devices for an example that filters midi inputs from a USB device, but the exact same method would work for a midi generator on the board.


This topic is related to a question I have as well about beat sync and live looping. Would it be possible to use some time based effects along with creating a short audio loop, then depending on the tap tempo or possibly selecting from a pre-set tempo have the ModDuo send midi sync out to another looper. In my case I have the Infinity Looper which can sync to an external midi clock. I want to do this so that I have a stable clock that I can send to my in-ear monitors. This makes looping on the Infinity more free in terms of what type of loop my inital loop can be, for example, it can be very free/atmospheric, but I will still have the internal tempo in my ear so I can add perfectly synced elements at anytime after the initial loop.


Hi @jeffali, I’ll provide what info I can. External devices can be a slave to the Duo’s clock. IIRC the other way is not supported yet.

As for getting a metronome / click track, on the Duo the headphones are routed from the master out, so there’s no way to split just the metronome into headphones on the Duo (that I know of). I glanced at the Infinity manual and it’s not clear if there is a way to generate a click track based off the beat clock.

Hope that helps…

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