Question about Transport in global tempo

Hi, I’m trying to understand what the Transport feature of the global tempo is supposed to do. I see it has start/stop functionality, but don’t really know what it’s supposed to affect. Would someone please educate me on that feature? Thank you.

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There a few different kinds of plugins that can operate in response to (sync to) time events and many of them can be synced to the Duo transport. Off the top of my head: loopers, delays, generators, maybe some phasers are types of plugins that can utilize the transport.

You can pair the step sequencers with some of the synths and percussion / instrument generators and make some fun loops for jamming over.

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Hi @WilliamBodily

Coincidentally, I was just working on a tutorial on that. Can you (and everyone) have a look to see if it’s clear and helpful?

It’s still in draft, but mostly complete.

Absolutely! This right here, “Once the Transport is on, it will broadcast the beat and plugins will be able to listen to it.”, is exactly what I thought it was supposed to do. Broadcast the global tempo. However I wasn’t finding a plugin that listened for the broadcast so it was causing some confusion on my end as to how it worked. I did finally find a delay that listened for the broadcast that I was able to sync it to. I also checked out a sequencer after I read unbracketed’s comment to see if that worked and the one I selected did.

Leo_Germani, I think your tutorial is fairly straight forward and easy to understand. Thank you for that!

I’m using a Disaster Area SMARTClock to control the global tempo via MIDI. It would be nice if the global tempo, when set via an external MIDI clock, would have the option to pass through the clock information to another MIDI device after the MOD device via a setting in the global tempo settings. You can accomplish this by connecting the MIDI in directly to the MIDI out in the pedal board constructor, but I think the setting in the global tempo settings would be more elegant.

Thank you both for your comments as I now have a clear understanding of what the start/stop transport feature’s intended use is.