Rated Blue - "Spanish Moon" Live Video with MOD Duo

Hi fellow MOD’ers!

In case anyone is interested my band Rated Blue filmed some Studio sessions recently in which I used my Duo, this particular Video is using the GXBoobtube for crunch and the MOD Big Muff for deliciously fizzy and smurchy speaker rending fuzz in front of a little tweed Fender Pro Junior tube amp. The MOD itself gets a few shots of screen time. The basic tracks of these songs were recorded live (warts, flubs and all) and some percussion was overdubbed on this one which is our arrangement of Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon”. Thanks for watching!


Wow, wow great stuff!!:alien::fire:

Very nice blues track!

@Adriano @Andre

Thanks very much for the comments!

thats nice. that sort of guitar is that? it looks like some sort of telecaster copy…

Hi @Al_Swani_Harris

The guitar has a long history…

I bought it as a Squier telecaster in 1984 (this was when Squier was made in Japan). At that time in the mid to late 80’s there was a mini-revival of music from the 1960’s and my first band played 60’s music and I wanted that surf tremolo sound so since it was the mid-80’s and new technology was everything (drum machines, synths, chorus pedals etc.) I had a Kahler whammy system put in the guitar because: (a) I was young and stupid and (b) stuff like tube amps and Bigsby tremolo bars were extremely out of fashion then…:roll_eyes:

Fast forward a few years and I started to get at least a little wiser and got sick of the single coil pickup noise from lights and poor wiring at clubs and shows so I got a DiMarzio humbucker put in the bridge and I’ve loved the round jazzy tone of Gibson neck pickups so I got a Gibson mini humbucker installed in the neck position. Lastly after playing regularly for so many years and after three or four fret dresses my good friend and luthier John D. who makes Strat and tele necks habitually for fun said it would be just as cheap to replace the whole neck than do a refret it so that is why the neck is unbranded on the headstock. I guess the only original thing left is the body and the wiring…:thinking:


Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Any chance of uploading the pedalboard? :grin:

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Hi @aspiers

Thanks I will upload the pedalboard soon and link it here when my MOD and the computer get in close enough proximity…lol

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that makes sense then. i have a modified squire p bass which i really like, and a young fella with a squire strat that i was playing recently, i might look into getting some humbuckers for his one. the MOD is great for shifting the tinny sound from the high strings but humbuckers!

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