Re-start play on any looper?

is there, in fact, no looper in the MOD “ecosystem” on which playback can be arbitrarily re-triggered from the beginning of a loop?

i’ve checked them all (ALO. loopor, guitarix LiveLooper, and MOD SooperLooper) and, as far as i can tell, they ALWAYS continue cycling uninterrupted, whether playback is happening or not. i.e. starting playback just drops in on wherever the loop happens to be in its background cycling. (although ALO doesn’t actually give you sound until the loop beginning comes around again)

i’d like to be able to always start playback from the loop beginning, no matter when i trigger it.



Now I remember why I bought a hardware looper :stuck_out_tongue:

That, and mapping loopers to controls takes up too many buttons. I appreciate the efforts of some of the authors to make multiple operations achievable via a single actuator (press vs. hold vs. double click, etc.) but I find I’m not talented / coordinated enough to execute the correct action in the moment (especially double presses).

It has been interesting though across various threads recently to see what people think of as “normal” or “intuitive” for a looper - there seems to be a range of operating modes that people prefer.


yeah… i need a few different behaviours for different projects and contexts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do not have the same issue as you (wanting to restart playing the loop at a different time than its cycle), but to @unbracketed remark on the interface, I’m working on a Tampermonkey (so javascript running on chrome browser with the Mod interface open): tailored for my use of ALO, which allows me to do multiple actions.
For example: pressing one key, it will clean the current loop, and start recording on the fourth beat (to give me time adjust) with a visual queue…
It’s really not usable by anybody else as is (and still under construction), but it might give ideas to others maybe.


That’s why dedicated pedals were built. Probably the best solution is still the hardware pedal. But…not everyone can afford a satisfying pedalboard made up of hardware pedals to cover all the guitar sound needs for the player. In the end, software integrative solutions are preferable both from a financial and technical point of view. However, I wonder why this function was not possible on the looper. I’m not into this kind of stuff of how these things are built and I can’t realise how difficult could be to insert it. But I know that playing from the loop beginning is the basic and most necessary operation of any looper. I hope the MOD Devices team resolves this issue in the near future.

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Agree. I need the same. And playing from the beginning of the loop is the first feature of any hardware looper, even the simplest ones. Hope to have it in the next versions of MOD OS.


Line 6 DL4 manual description of this extremely powerful function:
PLAY ONCE - This switch allows “one shot” playback
(the Play Once and Play/Stop lights come on during one shot playback).
From Stop, press this switch to play your loop one time and stop.
From Record, press Play Once to stop recording and start one shot playback immediately.
From Play, this switch will turn on Once mode, meaning the loop will continue playing to the end of the loop and stop.
If Play Once is already turned on, pressing this switch will re-trigger the start of the loop. (You can “stutter” with this.)
From Overdub, things are the same as from Play: press the switch, and loop playback (and the Overdub) will stop at the end of the loop.