Release 1.3.2

Hello everyone again, another bugfix update for the 1.3 series is here - v1.3.2 aka “That’s it! I’ve come up with a new recipe.”

This is an optional update. It fixes 2 small things in the v1.3 release series.

  • fix loading some addressing data on browser side (labels with spaces)
  • don’t allow pedalboard preset save-as when list is addressed

For more information about the changes done in v1.3 so far, click here.

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!

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