Request for support to fix my missed MOD Dwarf kickstarter pledge! I am so sorry for missing my pledge!

Hi happy people,

even though its a sunny day…and the rest of life is happy…I am a bit sad.
I backed the MOD Dwarf Kickstarter campagne and am so happy to start working with it.
Unfortunately due to all kind of late payments and missing income regards the so demanding Covid-19 situation the income that I was planning to use for paying the pledge …now came so late. I am so sorry that I missed my backed pledge although the money for it will arrive but as said later then calculated.
So is there something I can do to still pay for my pledge…get the Dwarf in the pledge I made. Who can I contact too solve this issues. I so would love to pay the pledge and work finally with my MOD device.

Looking forward to receive and read support replies of those that can help me fix this problem.
Kind regards and still happy Easter everybody and dear MOD community,

Musical greetings from out of Finland
Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij


maybe you want to have a look at

Hi Vanilla,
thank you for your response! Do you perhaps also know if that perk on IndiGoGo will be the same as with what they ended with on KickStarter? As I saw the huge amount of rising software adds they were adding to it because it was growing so much.
Looking forward to hear from you again.
Kind regards Bastiaan


no, i don’t know that. I’m just an ordinary user :wink:

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