Save master tempo with the Snaposhot (MOD Dwarf)

It seems that the internal BPM is set/saved per pedalboard, but not by snapshot, and all snapshots within a pedalboard share the same master tempo.

It would be great if master tempo were saved within a snapshot, so that every snapshot of a pedalboard could have its own tempo - for tempo-based effects (like delays and midi stuff): it is essential for a live performance, because switching between pedalboards take a few seconds, while switching between snapshots is practically instant.

…or am I missing something, and there is a way to save tempo with a snapshot?


I believe that you are correct, although @jesse may be able to confirm this better.

I saved your request :wink:

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Thanks! Can you please also look at this feature request that kinda goes together with this one, also aiming at perfecting Dwarf for live performance.


Yep, I was just not yet there on my “forum readthrough” :slight_smile:
Now I saw that I just crossed it.


I second this!