Say hello to the MOD Dwarf

@jon I am a beta backer (ordered 1 beta Dwarf and 2 non-beta) and I definitely can’t see any recent email about the beta even in my spam folders. Please can you check what’s gone wrong?


The google form is working and your link to Indigogo as well (although the Beta program was from Kickstarter). My main concern is that this offer of 50€ for the plugin pack is not easily comparable to what could be offered in the standard store as we don’t have access to it without a device and the price of each plugin as a standalone is not mentioned either.

Could you give us more details on this offer ?

Hello @Tabor,

you might find descriptions for all plugins here:

Greetings and God bless. Marius


Hi @Tabor,

The link was updated to be out of Indiegogo and on the MOD shop.
You can find it here, together with the descriptions of the extra plugins. As you can check there, all these plugins bought on the standard store in the platform would cost you 91€

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I did see somewhere a comparison table but lost the link.

Would you mind posting it here?

I also lost track about the feature discussion.
What I basically understand is that the Duo X has better processing power, 2 displays & desktop knobs.

On the other hand, features seem to be developed now targeting mainly the Dwarf.
Will there be (software) features that users can only enjoy with the Dwarf & not with the Duo X?

Thanks for any clarifications.

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There you go :wink:



why is the push button/footswitch count for plugin control 2 on the dwarf? shouldn’t it be 3?

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The Dwarf and the DuoX run inside the same OS, so the plugins available are the same.

On the Dwarf only 2 footswitches are used for plugin control.
The first footswitch is currently dedicated only to switch between control pages and not assignable.

@gianfranco as I see on Indiegogo campaign the estimated shipping date has been postponed to April 2021. Is it related to the shipment of devices preordered with this new perk only or it will affect past perks too? Thanks!

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thank you for your answer! that’s unfortunate :frowning:

Hi @redcloud

We’re still sorting out details in order to publish an update but there is a problem with the suppliers that will force us to split the fulfilment between the kickstarter and the indiegogo backers. Kickstarter is planned to ship in February and Indiegogo is planned to ship in April.

We’ll have news about it soon.


Hi, so while you are starting the production of the beta dwarfs in your office, how about some nice picture from the team assembling it? :slight_smile:


not an assembly picture, this one is already put together.
sitting on my desk right now, for the last bugfixes, and testing/development.


Thanks a lot.
I am still torn between the 2 flavours… The 2 screens & many buttons versus the compact design :wink:

A very good starting point where the OS any other software-specific items could be added.
This may be a good further addition to others:

Is there a specific reason why the Duo X & the Dwarf do not use USB-C as a charging adapter?
USB-C can provide the required power.
It would be good to avoid e-waste & carry less stuff :slight_smile:

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This is not a charging adaper, the USB provides no power, because there is no battery inside the units.
The USB is purely for data, USB gadget being used as a network interface by default, or mass storage for manual updates.

Yes, can’t USB-C not be used as charging plug type?
New phones will have this by default, many laptops as well.
This would make carrying an additional power adapter obsolete.
Just an idea I had.


there is nothing about usb-c that makes it easier to use it for charge.
on phones we first used proprietary connectors, then usb-mini, then usb-micro and now usb-c.

I think I understand what you mean though, the usb-c cable could be used as the power cord.
I am not familiar with usb-c specs, can it provide sustained 12V 2A power?

Most usb chargers only go up to 5v, so this would lead to confusion when a usb charger doesnt work.

This is coming to most laptops.

USB type C (USB-C) is the latest generation of the USB port. It’s smaller than USB-B and can both supply and receive power. This port is available on some smartphones and some high-end laptops. It’s getting widely adopted in recent years.

It can thus: transfer data & power.

My HP laptop has an input of 19.5V @ 2.31A served by USB-C.

OK, maybe an idea for a future series…

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Separate data and power would still be needed for a lot of people. Many laptops and PCs still only have USB A, which won’t be able to provide 12V (even with a adapter). But it would be really cool years from now when USB C is way more prevalent. To be compliant USB C has to be able to go up to 20V 2A, so it’s definitely possible