Sharing pedalboard


Playing with a friend who also has a Mod Duo, I was thinking on how to share pedalboard with him. The only way I can think of is to publish it, and it works great.
However, I see the following downside:

  • it’s not always great to publish a work in progress, like from one week to another I will make some small change, and I cannot delete an already published pedalboard, so I feel a bit like spamming the community
  • maybe it’s just a trial pedalboard, and I wish I could share it with that person only for the time being
    So maybe I’m asking: is there a way to share pedalboard privately ? and is there a way to version pedalboard being published ?

How you guys are sharing (not necessarily publishing) ?

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You should be able to ssh into the source unit in order to copy/archive the pedalboard definition and unarchive it on the target Mod.

Hi @leDamien

Actually, there is a trick you can do to make the pedalboard not published to the pedalboard feed. If you put #hidden in the field that reads “what’s special about this pedalboard?” it will not show up in the feed.

Important to remember in this case: don’t forget to copy the URL that shows in the share confirmation popup before closing it. If you lose this URL you will not be able to find the pedalboard anymore.



And then you learn that nothing can be built just to be used internally. Eventually it all goes back to the public… :smiley:

On the device the pedalboards are stored in a (hidden) .pedalboards directory. The files in there are the pedalboard definitions and you can transfer files back and forth via ssh / scp like @Azza pointed out.

I run this occasionally in a terminal / shell window to grab a copy of the whole directory for backup:

scp -r root@modduo.local:.pedalboards pedalboards which will copy entire directory to my computer. (You might need to swap in the Duo IP address if the host name isn’t configured)

and is there a way to version pedalboard being published ?

I’m not aware of anything built in for versioning. You could append version strings to the name of the boards (meaning a separate pedalboard for each version). Alternatively you could use a version control system like Git on your computer to track changes over time. Whenever you make a backup you could then add one or more commits to your repository with the diffs and you’d have your history and ability to roll back to any point in time.

A while back I proposed that it should be possible to setup third party sites for sharing pedalboards (there’s no technical limitiations). At least one user responded to tell me what a terrible idea it would be to allow users to pass pedalboards around without the principled guiding hand of the MOD team overseeing our every whim. YMMV :slight_smile:

I like the idea of having version sharing or storage. It would be great if the Duo could be supported on since they are already building these versioning and sharing tools


Really interesting
One thing that I did not get was that I was losing User preset when sharing a pedalboard… so looking at the files in .pedalboard, the presets are just mentioned there, but seem to be actually stored in the .lv2 directory.
So I finally understood the presets belongs to the pedal :smiley: If I use the same pedal in another pedalboard, the presets will be there. It might also explain why deleting one can create a mess.
I’ll back up that directory too I guess.