Shiroverb Mix knob - Can we get 100% wet?

I’ve been playing with the Shiroverb and loving it! Sounds great as a regular reverb with shimmer off and pitch to unison. The shimmer and octave (up or down) sound great too!

One thing that I am a little disappointed is that I can’t do 100% wet. I like that it keeps the direct signal untouched… but I was thinking of putting two of these together so that I can do an octave up and an octave down shimmer using two of the Shiroverbs… The problem is that because the direct signal is untouched it will add them together when I blend the signals back together… Anyway that this can be changed?
I would normally love it that it works this way but with specialty verbs you sometimes want to blend them…

An idea (for any plugin) is to have a couple modes of mix. Maybe have the cross fade option, a parallel type option, and the cross blend.
Just my thought…

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shiroverb is generated from max/msp, so the code is a mess.

you could hack your own one together though that has this line changed to just:

t_sample out1 = mul_99;

(and same thing for out2 on line 353)

it’s not really a mix control, it’s a wet level, by the looks of things.
alternatively, you could add an inverted dry signal maybe and it might cancel out?

Unfortunately I have no idea on how to program or manipulate any code…

A wet level is great!
Now if there is just a dry level that we can turn down…

I usually prefer leaving the Dry signal untouched and bringing in the wet level. However, the Shiroverb is great for ambience type of sounds without the direct signal.

if you can find an invert or phase flip effect you can route that in in parallel - positive and negative will cancel out and you’ll just be left with the wet signal.

e.g. do any of the gain pedals go -100% ?

possible that no one can modify it to give only the effect 100% without direct sound?

You might be interested in the MKII

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I bought it immediately after publishing the post. Thanks, I find it very useful for some things.