Show Us Your MOD Setup!

What a beautiful setup!


beautiful work, @Austin73 … an inspiring space in which to work!


Smoke and mirrors elk, behind the desk not so tidy!


It is actually really easy to work with . I’m not a keyboard player so the push on the right with the NI controller on left is a really cool way to play stuff.

The push is on a laptop stand which is essential really. Easier to play and you can see the screen too.

Got the xtouch the other month as got some cash back and surveys etc . Has speeded up everything in Ableton . And looks way cool too.

Just out of view I have an old Yamaha EL40 ! Best £10 I ever spent. Have it as a Midi controller and extra speakers - especially handy when friends are jamming.

The Kindles have been ‘cracked’ to run APK so have TOUCHOSC , guitar tuners, and a program called MATRIC which is almost like the Elgato but costs £6 instead of £250. I have macros set up for quick keys in Ableton but it can be used for anything. (Happy to share my macro if anybody needs it)


great “sideways migration”! :muscle: :clap: :fist_left:


Yeah really easy to do and handy when they do there half price stuff got a 10HD not in view that I was trying to get touchable to work on but gave up.

Did come across Lemur which runs fine but so complicated to edit I gave up and stuck with TouchOsc and Matric which is a shame as it looks bonkers.

To add to the mayhem I have a laptop which runs midi and audio via reastream so I can still use the old 32bit plugins and also send out midi from a euclidean sequencer via rmtp.

I get bored on my own as you can see.

I do all this then play Peter Gunn on my guitar for an hour ! ; )




No, Gemini lol


That’s it. Dwarf and the Soft Step. I’m stunned that this is all I really need.


:star_struck: That’s a beautiful rig :slight_smile:


That’s where those filthy wires belong tbh.

Sadly I’m always spaghettied out and rearrange my gear so often that I gave up on cable management lmao

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Love it, and love the fact that you were able to make such a clean setup with the pedal!


To be honest I am jealous of your setup , I normally have plenty of wires going around stuff. I culled a lot of stuff to streamline things but I’m always a bit envious of the DAWLESS route. I remember having a casino sk1, a couple of rocktek pedals and
little maplin mixer when I first started as a kid. I sampled a hairdryer and put some fx on it and spent about an hour getting lost in weirdness.

So I always laugh to my self when I see your experiments as it takes me back.

One of these days I’m going to plug in all my pedals at once - 56 at last count and get the hairdryer out again!


I have the Softstep, but have not put it to use yet. I was initially put off by what I recall as a not very user friendly PC program to set it up, but I may have to look into that again. Any recources you can point me to is appreciated.


Please record it in video and share it with us!! Please please!


None of this was easy to say the least. I’m new to Midi and CV not to mention the Soft Step as well.

This guy has two tutorials on mapping the Soft Step to Ableton which was helpful for sure. It’s definitely worth the effort. KMI SoftStep 2 tutorial - Part 1 - YouTube

I may have also had help from a friend. :grin:

I’d say the most challenging thing about the soft step besides the not user friendly editor, is the lack of tactile feedback you get from a traditional button. Otherwise, this is an impressive piece of hardware and combined with the Dwarf I’m basically at the mercy of the CPU.


This is my current setup at home. Guitars are in the corner on the other side.
My goal was to have something ultra portable without compromising on features, flexibility and sound - on a as low as possible budget. The iPad and touchMini most often are not part of the setup.

In the midst of the pandemic I “redesigned” my home office - got rid of a lot of stuff. As soon as I got the DWARF I set up a dedicated creative space. Everything is always set up and ready.
And when I head out to practice or to my studio I can just pack up everything into a backpack and get on my bike. Guitars and Monitors are at the other spaces too.

I’m still figuring out a lot of stuff and scenarios eg. the switch to Ableton, getting familiar with the LaunchPad and have a full band setup with e-drums, guitars and vocals only through the dwarf.

But this setup got really back into making music and not opting for the couch because of the time to set everything up.


It lucks pretty slick @spunktsch! But with the work that you already showed us it really works! Well done! :wink:


I have currently torn apart the majority of my set up and will be buckling down on some of my gear.

I got my OXI One in last week, and boy, oh boy, has this thing changed my entire approach to my Strega.

I have a gimbal arriving today for my phone, and I’ll be recording some stuff showing how to use the strega and euclidean gate sequencing…

Turns out the Strega’s are just ugly ducklings. There is a lot of beauty in these synths with the proper patience and creative thinking. In fact, I found that I can generally make a 3 note chord with a single strega.

As always, MDX is a staple when using the strega’s. Having the ability to use custom envelopes is amazing.

Currently debating on effects chains today. Yesterday was getting everything arranged and learning more about the OXI. Edit: I’m now considering pulling out my CV controllable dreadbox filter pedal to gate sequence it :thinking:

The midi footswitch next to my mixer is the Bridge 6 by PirateMidi. I Kickstart and back a decent amount of music stuff, this company is still new and waiting for the actual app to launch so I can edit it lmao

Edit: got the gimbal, realized it wasn’t a perfect match for my needs. Snagged a tripod and that put me in business.

This will be how I present stuff in the future.

Currently working on patches, and using the Oxi to drive the strega. I can 100% make percussion with a strega.


That is seriously cool and looks lots of fun. Need more cowbells though ; )