Simple question re: mono versus stereo plugins

Hey MODsters

I’m still not out of my newb-asking-simple-questions phase, so hopefully you won’t mind indulging me.

Very basic question: Do I need to adjust my pedalboard in any way when combining stereo and mono plugins, if my objective is to specifically maximize a stereo output? For example, if I want to put effect ‘X’, which is mono, in front of effect ‘Y’, which is stereo, should I actually be using two instances of X, running a line from each into the stereo ins of Y? Or would this not make any noticeable difference to the final output?

Or put another way, if combining stereo plugins with mono ones, should I only just use one line in and one line out from the plugins that are stereo?

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question; it’s just that the variety of stereo and mono plugins available makes me wonder whether I need to be wiring things at all differently on my pedalboards.

Thanks in advance for any advice on the above.

Frank in Vancouver

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We are all learning, so ask whatever you want. There are no “stupid questions” :wink:

It will make a difference. Basically, because the stereo output has different things happening on each of its outputs, so the mono instance of a plugin that you had on the left side and the same plugin with a different instance on the right one will behave differently because they have different inputs.

If you just use one of the outs from a stereo plugin you will just process one side. If you merge both sides into a mono plugin you may end up having phase issues and losing width. But you may be ok with that.

No “sorry” needed and again, there are no dumb questions :wink:


Thanks Joao!

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