Sooper Looper (clicks)


I´ve been playing around with the sooper looper plugin and assingned the record function to one of the MOD footswitches and every time I record something I get a click sound at the beginning of the loop.

I have recorded the same stuff many times with a Ditto looper mini with no clicks so I imagine that the plugin is responsible for the clicks.

I think that the plugin could cut the sound wave and add a small fade in to it and this would solve the problem.

In the mean time the Ditto mini will remain on my real pedalboard.


Just an update…

when controlling the record function with a midi foot controller the problem seems to be less evident.


hi @rogeriocouto

I was discussing this problem with @jesseverhage last week.

The issue is a mix of both the plugin as the controller behaviours.

We’ll add it to the queue of fixes and hopefully have it sorted out soon.




Hello @gianfranco

Good to know that you guys are on top of this issue. A good simple loop plugin as the Sooper Looper is a must.
Let me know if you need any help testing it.



was going to start a new thread for this, but as we’re talking about Sooper Looper requests here, I have a couple - firstly, a blend control for wet/dry signal - it’d be lovely to be able to have it 100% wet so that any effects after it only get the loop…

And a feedback/loop decay control would be wonderful.

I’m not likely to end up using the MOD as my main looper, but for flying to gigs and having a single pedal I can take and do some kind of solo set with, it’ll SO SO great :slight_smile:


@solobasssteve this thread might be interesting for you.


thanks! There are some interesting suggestions in there - my mail looper is the Looperlative LP1 - 8 stereo channels, 3 stereo outs, crazy amounts of MIDI control… But I also own a lot of much simpler pedals - Headrush, Infinity, DL4 etc… I quite like simple, and these would be the two most useful additions to the Sooperlooper plug-in for me :slight_smile:

I’m really surprised that feedback control isn’t higher on more people’s wishlists…


Hi everyone !

Any progress on that click problem ?


Hi guys,

I still have the click problem on July 2018. Was there a fix for this which I missed?

Best regards


The Loopor plugin (Beta) might perform better. I was recently comparing the two looper plugins and Loopor sounded like it was mixed better at the loop boundary


Thanks! I will try this plugin in the next days.