Spinning gear / wheel thing

Hey there… so I created a new pedalboard, and saved it. Then I went to banks to add it and it just showed as a spinning wheel / gear looking thing. I removed it from the bank and after a few minutes, it was fine. Any ideas?


I think it just indicates that the screenshot hasn’t finished generating yet. It takes a lot of system resources to create the image so it doesn’t happen automatically but the pedalboard should still be usable in banks


It happened to me, too.

The pedalboard is usable but even after a couple of days the snapshot has’t been generated yet.

Might be an issue generating screenshot of a specific plugin.
Which ones do you use on this specific pedalboard?

I’m using:

Guitarix AmpX
OpenAV Filta
OpenAV Roomy
TinyGain Stereo

Here ya go… very simple