Status Quo

I preordered and cancelled the order 2 times. Still I am highly interested in the Mod Duo X. May you can let me know what is the status quo of the unit.

  • is cv/gate working now?

  • does the SPDIF output work now?

Is see a lot of unhappy users here in the forum and I don’t find too much on YouTube. Can you comment this?

I can give you the status:

  1. CV input is working quite nicely
  2. CV output is work-in-progress
  3. SPDIF is… complicated. We will have more details on that soon, after we verify a few things.
  4. Expressional pedal / CV mode switch is not done yet, leaving it for later (for when I get my hands on an expression pedal).

The plan was to have released test builds of 1.9 by now, but complications with v1.8 and other internal matters made this not possible.
Most of the hard work is done already, but we are taking extra care as doing something wrong with CV can actually damage expensive equipment, we do not want that.

Current estimations is to have these CV-enabled builds in early November.


There has been some developments.

  1. CV output is working
  2. SPDIF is working, but tricky situation (more on that later)
  3. All the Headphone / CV / Exp.Pedal modes have been implemented

User profiles do not save and restore CV state yet, some small bug somewhere.
Value of CV input ports inside the pedalboard is now a 0-1 static range, we are likely going to change this.

One thing still to be done, but highly desirable, is to be able to use any CV input (wherever it is from a plugin or HW port) as a source of [parameter] addressing.
I mean, being able to use a CV output port of any plugin to change the value of a regular parameter.
It is likely the very first builds with CV enabled will not have this feature.