Step Sequencer

I would like to create a step sequencer which would be able to control parameters of any effect. I know I need Midi sequencer plus Midi to CV plus lets say band pass filter. Somehow I can not setup correctly MIDI Seq plus MIdi to CV to make it work. Any help appreciate.


With v1.11 you can use the midi loopback feature for this.

If you have a setup like | step sequencer β†’ note 2 cc β†’ virtual midi loopback out |
You should be able to assign parameters to MIDI learn

I have done this before as a test for the midi loopback feature.

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OK, but isn’t it easier to convert Midi notes from MIDI seq to CV? I use CV LFO to modulate parameters of different effects and it is really easy to do so I thought I will use similar method using midi seq and midi to CV.

Yes it is, but you will need at the minimum 1 midi2cv plugin per 3 CV/automation sources.
Depending on how many addressings/mappings you plan to do, it can quickly get out of hand.

I will try to use midi loopback, thanks for the advise!

You can try something like this too:

Alternatively, you could use velocity as the parameter that sets the modulation depth, instead of the pitch. In order to do that, open the plugin settings of the sequencer, and turn the knob for each step to the desired modulation level, and connect the velocity output (instead of the pitch output) of the MIDI-to-CV plugin to the slew rate limiter.

That could also allow you to get creative with note range splits, and have 1 automation lane per MIDI note in the sequencer. Let me know if you want a more practical example of that, will take me a bit longer to whip up.



WOW, Jesse, really appreciate your help! I wil try this for sure.

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