Tip for when UI is slow and disconnects


Just wanted to share with you what helped my UI work better. Seems obvious now but at first my UI on my pc was really slow, the pedalboards took ages to load up and multiple disconnections happened.
Also the banks interface was faulty.

I just deleted all the pedalboards that I really did not use. Maybe 15 boards or so. That seemed to lighten to work rate. Now it runs much better.

So if you are experiencing a slow UI, try decluttering and getting rid of stuff you do not use. Seemed to work for me.


Interesting- this Topic should be in BUGS category don´t you think?

I had issues with the GUI slowing down extremly- at a certain point all the movements of knobs etc. at the device translatet very very slow to the GUI and seemed to be worked off serial. no other actions are possible until all movements have been worked off. not even saving.
I had to wait several minutes before I could save and restart the browser.
This was Firefox 81.0.2
Now I installed CROME just for the GUI and that seems to work fine :frowning:
Will post here if any problems accure with CROME also…