ToneLib Software

ToneLib is a company that develops commercial and freeware plugins that are cross-platform (and Linux is actively supported)

A few years ago, before I got my Dwarf, I purchased a license for their ToneLibGFX product. IMO it sounds great and has a wide variety of device types (amps/fx/utils)

I think their software would be a good fit for the MOD ecosystem, and so I reached out to them this morning via an email telling them so.

If any other MOD users like me are also license holders for their software, it would help if you reached out to them as well.

I know they are not open-source, but I figure neither are K-Devices and they seem to have a great relationship with this community. Add to that, the fact that they are already targeting Linux should make the porting easier.

I hope me doing this doesn’t upset anyone. I just thought their software could fill in a few gaps on the guitar side of the MOD ecosystem.


Hello @FistfulOfStars,

Personally I am happy about every new plugin to try.
Their free mac plugins come as au, vst and vst3.
Do they make lv2 plugins for the linux platform or linux vst?
Do you have a particular plugin in mind you want to see ported?
If there is an existing good sounding lv2 alternative, maybe it is just the interface
that needs a shiny overhaul, whether skeuomorphic or not?

Well, I think asking them directly as a bunch of users wanting their plugins ported to mod
might be even better than an official request from the moddevices office.
Other users might have different opinions about it, so let them hear, folks!

Greetings and God bless, Marius


I believe they are currently Linux VST, however I’ll reiterate the relationship with K-Devices who only support MacOS/Windows and VST/AU/AAX with their official plugins. I could be wrong, but this seems one layer closer to MOD compatibility to me.

Regarding the need for these plugins - As has been discussed elsewhere by myself and other users, the MOD platform lacks some core elements of competing floor modelers, which is the space the Dwarf is apparently competing in (though it is far more than that in reality.)

I personally chose the Dwarf because I came from a Linux-Audio oriented home studio, and saw the GREAT potential of having a hardware plugin host - But I can’t recommend it to my friends who just want a Helix-style floor modeler at the moment.

Their library would change that, as it offers pre-configured “archetype” style amps and effects, targeted toward the most popular real-world devices that guitarists are familiar with.

This isn’t really an interface issue - it’s more of a mindset issue. Tweakability is king on the MOD platform, but the launching point is significantly slower than with the competition.

There are a handful of amps and effects in the MOD ecosystem that are following this mindset - the Onyx and the GxSupersonic are good examples - but IMO there needs to be more, and ones targeting more popular amps (Deluxe Reverb, AC30, Mesa, etc)

Yes, the developer community could provide these eventually, but in what timeframe? This library already exists.

I also think that the success of commercial for-$$ plugins is important for the stability of the MOD ecosystem, but that’s none of my business tbh.


They use JUCE, so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to adapt their code and make it output LV2 plugins.


Hi @FistfulOfStars

Thanks a lot for the suggestion and effort.

You managed you have reached out. Did any reply come back?

We would surely be interested. If you have a contact there let me know.

Otherwise, I can always do a cold-call approach :slight_smile:


I have not heard back yet, but will let you know when/if I do.


I’m interested in this too. I have a license for the Tonelib gfx software and use it with reaper under Linux. This would be a really nice addition to the mod platform.


I still haven’t heard from them, but @Funkeq if you haven’t already, I’d suggest sending them an email expressing your interest in this.


There is no harm in expressing you wish for the plugins on the mod platform but
I think the more promising route is a direct contact from mod as a company. It’s an more even conversation (or first contact) than a customer to a business.


@FistfulOfStars I have send an email to the ToneLib Team, too.

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