Tuner mute by default?

On the Dwarf, when I power it up and hit A+B for tools (set to tuner), I then have to press B to mute. For the rest of the session, engaging the tuner continues to mute if I don’t change it, but as soon as I cycle power the tuner is back to unmuted. Is there a way to make it permanent? I’ve looked through the wiki and the settings and can’t find anything.

I’m categorizing this as a feature request, but there’s a topic from August 2019 about this happening on the Duo, and @falkTX indicated that this was a bug. So… is this also a bug?


It should be saving last mute state and restoring it on boot, @jesse can you confirm this is the intention?
So this might be a bug, regression in latest release

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I found this myself sometime ago and reported it. As far as I know on my side is fixed. Now I can’t recall if it was fixed still in the 1.10 or already in one of the 1.11 RCs…but it’s fixed.

@RashDecisionAudio what is the OS version that you are running?

@jon I’m currently running v1.10.4.2380.

Ok. So probably is fixed on the 1.11 or any smaller 1.10 update that may pop up before the 1.11