U2 - "Pride In The Name Of Love" tone matching with MOD Duo

I think this belongs here.

Any suggestion for improvement, or extending this thread to more examples of the Edge’s sound ?


We’ll be posting more The Edge inspired boards in June.
In the mean times, would be great to know how you guys liked this one.
It will be uploaded on the pedalboard feed this week :slight_smile:



Please, create a sort of “certified pedalboard channel” for renditions of mamous artists’ tones!!


Can’t wait to test it !

I’m confused, did you post it in the pedalboard section and I could not find it, or are you still working on it before sharing :smiley: (if ever) ?

It is not mine. The video was posted on the Facebook group and I found it cool and added it here since it fits the Tone Challenge forum section pretty well I think.