Unplug the device safely

Hello there!

New here and first time experimenting with the mod duo.

In the tutorials/manual there’s only explained how to activate the device.
I was wondering how to disconnect it “safely”. (maybe a weird question?)

Can just plug-out the (12V) power supply? It doesn’t do any harm to the software?
When you start the device, it needs to boot, but does the system have to shut-down before disconnecting?

Maybe some precautionary measures need to be done before disconnecting?

Aswel for the USB connection when using the interface on the computer. It’s just plug and play? Or can you just plug-out the USB whenever you want? Or do you have to click somewhere on “remove usb safely” like on many USB storage devices?

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You can shutdown by unplugging it without problems. It’s built that way.
Same goes for the usb-pc connection. It’s a network connection, not a storage device connection (not by default anyway).

Hope this helps.


Ok, thanks for letting me know.
Didn’t want to do any harm to my new pet from the first day. :wink:

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