Using Lightning to USB camera adapter on MOD Duo?

Id like to be able to use my ipad instead of my macbook to access the GUI. Ive not had luck with a bluetooth USB dongle. My Macbook cant find it . When I plug the Dongle into the usb port on the MOD DUO and go to enable discovery Nothing gets discovered. Status says unavailable. So Maybe the INSIGNIA USB ADAPTER i bought is not the right one for the MOD. Was Wondering if a usb camera adapter would work. Im not good at computers so any help would be great .


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Hello @Jzzb8ovn

Did you enable the discovery after plug in the USB adapter?
To do so, go to Settings menu > Bluetooth > Enable discovery. The discovery will be enabled by 2 minutes.

I’m not sure about it but reading the description of the adapter I’d say it won’t work.

Ok I originallu bought an INSIGNIA Bluetooth ADAPTER and It didnt work. Went and BOught an AZIO USB Bluetooth adapter and i works perfectly hooks up and I can access the GUI now via bluetooth Yeah. No clue what the difference was but it works as I hoped it would some Im a happy camper.


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I was using the Apple Camera Adapter at first and it worked fine for me. This adapter reverses the iPad USB port from device to host.

But, in my case, this setup caused me a problem as I want to use my iPad in an Alesis IO Dock II and the Alesis Dock makes the iPad into a device and not a host and there is no way to use the Camera Adapter simultaniously.

So, I got a Bluetooth dongle (CSR 4.0) to pluged it into the Mod Duo USB Host connector and now I can keep my iPad in the Dock, use USB MIDI and still be able to configure the Mod Duo via Bluetooth and the Safari browser.

My only remaining problem now is that the iPad browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera or Firefox) do not display scroll bars thus preventing me to select options other than those displayed. I cannot scroll through pedalboards either.

Any of you has this issue with an iPad ?