Using USB Audio Gadget

Hi everyone,

while toying around with my ModDuo today, I came across the USB Audio Gadged functionality.

I was able to set it up easily and my Windows10 also found it quickly.
The problem is that i have a lot of delay on this and also some distortion occurs, so playing directly
over the USB Audio is not really possible.
Now i just wanted to ask what your experience is with this functionality.
I also understand that this is an experimental feature. I just saw it as a nice thing to try on a
saturday afternoon. :slight_smile:


It is a secret!

Actually managed to make that work on Windows by mistake :sweat_smile:
Getting it to work reliably depends on the driver you use, and also the settings.

So far my little experience tells me:

  • Do not use anything but 48000Hz sample rate, will not work otherwise anyway
  • DirectX audio as driver does not work well
  • ASIO4ALL doesnt work very well either, but FL-ASIO and Reaper-ASIO works quite fine (at least at 512 frames)
  • Sending audio from PC to MOD unit works better than from MOD unit to PC.
  • Whatever browsers use to send audio, seems to work well, at least Firefox does.

Oh and if possible, activate only playback or only capture.


I’ve been secretly playing with this a lot lately :wink:

On my laptop (debian gnu/linux stable) I’ve been using the Duo X as a soundcard in combination with pipewire running as systemwide service (pipewire is an upcoming unification of linux audio layers).

Works quite well, latency is about ~10ms, with 512 frames at 48khz so totally usable. (compounded with the internal ~2.6ms of the DuoX this would be ~13ms total)

If only the DuoX was usb powered or had a battery-pack haha

On my workstation I’ve toyed with using vcvrack and jack audio. Sending a cv signal (say an lfo) from vcv to jack, to an input on the DuoX, then into the audio2cv module and then out the cv port to my modular system!

Needs some tweaking to get the correct ranges, but was totally able to add some computer-controlled modulations to my setup there :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot for your fast feedback!
I’ll see if I can find a setup that works for me!

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