Waves RBass / FEA Growler

Waves Renaissance Bass is a plugin that creates a “fake” low end boost by actually boosting harmonics of the fundamental. The human ear isn’t able to pick up lower-end frequencies (including some of the lower notes on a bass guitar), but the human brain is able to take the harmonics above those frequencies and calculate a fundamental from them, making the frequencies audible (sort of) to us. RBass takes advantage of this to get a bigger low end that is reproducible on speakers that shouldn’t be able to push that much bass.

I’ve been wanting in incorporate something like this into my live bass rig, but the only thing I’m aware of that did this was the FEA Labs Growler pedal, which has been out of production for years and is extremely hard to find.

If either one could be replicated on my Dwarf, that would be pretty sweet. Might be kind of niche but bass players might find it useful. Mike Patton has also vouched for the plugin’s effectiveness on synths.


I believe that there’s nothing even close to that in the platform. Anyway, I mapped it on our requests. It seems quite interesting


This sounds like it’d be an excellent addition to the plugin store!

I’ve been trying to work out a bass chain to run to PAs in the event a venue’s backline leaves much to be desired. A backup, just in case. But thus far, any bass chain I’ve made has been woefully lacking in actual “oomph,” at least on the PAs I’ve tested on. So this plugin could potentially solve that problem!