WI-FI Router Network Setup

My question is it possible to connect MODDUOX to router with USB port. For example if I have GL-iNET GL-MT300N-V2 (very flexible router to setup or something similar), am I able to connect MODDUOX as it is mimicking USB-4G dongle? And then I will use my tablet connected to wifi network as my screen to access the GUI.

I saw few topics here, but there is no manuals how to do this. Do I need port forwarding, types of firmware for router and etc.


Also i found another one interesting thing

Maybe it is even better. Sorry if I’m somewhere wrong, but I’m not very well into Network setup.
As i understood correctly this thing is just a tiny router where you skip the USB-wire connection and just plug it directly to USB.

I know someone on the forum was able to do it, so it is possible.

A probable much better alternative is to use the new WiFi support coming in v1.10.
You are going to need a usb-wifi dongle thingy, and some basic CLI commands over SSH. But then should work smoother after that.
If you are interested, let me know. Would be nice to have some feedback on the WiFi stuff.

I didn’t received my DuoX yet. But I’m already planning how to use it in my setup. Do you think better to wait 1.10? Or try with my solution? Do you know when 1.10 will be released?
I’m really interested in WIFI connectivity.

Thank you!

v1.10 was supposed to be out already, we are a bit late on a few things regarding MOD Labs.
So it should be only a matter of days, maximum around 2 weeks, before the first release candidate.


That’s really nice! So I will wait until this release and try WiFi capability.

Somewhere here in the forum I had also read that the v1.10 then comes out when the Dwarf are delivered.
When will v1.10 be released? :angel:

in a few days?
there is at least 1 regression caused by dwarf-related changes. after some internal testing we will fix any other major blockers.
target is still for 1.10-RC1 in January.


I see your router can run OpenWrt: [OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-MT300N V2

I’ve had success wiring my ModDuo’s usb ethernet to my OpenWrt router’s usb, and now it is accessible on any computer or tablet in my LAN. Though setting that up can be a little tricky.