Comparing the Duo with its rivals


Hi all, I was recently having an interesting discussion about how the Duo stacks up against more mainstream digital multi-effects boxes such as the Line6 HX Effects, and it gave me a few ideas for how the Duo could be improved and marketed better. Rather than confuse multiple ideas into a single topic, I’ve started to submit individual posts about each of these, and I’ll maintain an index right here:

But it also struck me that this forum seems to be lacking of discussions about how the Duo compares with its rivals, and what can be learned from those comparisons. So let’s fix that right now! If you have experience of a rival product, please share your opinions in this thread! It would be good to hear both the pros and cons.

By the way, if you want to see the full Duo vs. Line6 HX Effects discussion I had which sparked this, look in the comments of this video:

There’s lots of food for thought there, which suggests areas in which the Duo could be improved and marketed better.


I scanned through the discussion you had in the comments of the video. All very good points.

The flexibility of routing is probably the greatest asset of the MOD Duo. There is absolutely endless possibilities to it. I’ve made a video on my NS/Stick channel showing a very complicated setup I had. I don’t use it anymore since I’ve been trying to simplify things a little. However, coming from a studio engineer background, I love how I can patch things however I want and have access to all the effects. Also, being able to break the norms which have been ingrained in me for studio application is a game-changer. Put reverb before distortion? Yes please!


Cool! Please could you visit Arbitrary signal routing - the unsung hero of the Duo? and post a link to your video there, so we can collect all good resources regarding signal routing in one place?


It would be interesting to hear/see some comparisons. The guitarist in my band is thinking about getting something from the line 6 HX group. If he does, I’ll let you know the differences.