Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!

Hi Piers!

Welcome to the forum and the MOD Fam!

Glad that you got your device and I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing with it!

Hope you are well!

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Got the Dwarf since couple of months. It’smy new favourite small setup with only Torso T-1 and itself!
So much still to map and discover!


Hey Roti!

Glad you got your dwarf in!

I am very envious of your T-1 and would love one for my semi modular stuff!

Can’t wait to see what you do with that pairing!

Feel free to ask questions if you need any help with anything, we also have a wiki that goes into detail about the features.

Welcome to the MOD fam!

Hope all is well!


Thanks here is the first pedalboard with this combo.
But should still map many things. All 3 jams are with the same pedalboard.


I’ll give this a listen when I get off work!

Post it in content sharing as well if you feel so inclined!


cool :sunglasses:
Post it also on the Content Exchange thread :wink:



just received my Dwarf last week (Kickstarter N°413 with august-september delivery chosen).
I’m really impressed by the build quality and attention to detail. I’ve managed to slim down my pedalboard quite a bit and will eventaully just use the dwart and my midi switcher.
The Software has a learning curve (gain stage, snapshots) but nothing too complicated to not get sorted.

The only issue i havent resolved on my own is how to activate those plugin that were added in the kickstarter campaing. The OverTone ones I see as purchased - the WOV is not. The same with the cabinets. An how do i redeem the credits from the delivery windows chosen. Maybe some of the mods can helb with that @jon ?



Welcome to the MOD family Sebastian :slight_smile:
I’m really happy to learn that you are enjoying the MOD Dwarf so much.

That is nothing on your side. Unfortunately, this process is still manual so we are making bulks of devices to license to not drain out all our development resources.
Indeed it’s not ideal, but it is the best for now. Hopefully, soon you will get all those licenses.
Feel free to ask anything and enjoy the community :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone!!! My name is David and i just got from second hand the Mod duo. I was very interested about this device since it born. I am already using my mod duo in my concerts with a pedalbord created for my bass and i am very impressed with the final sound from pedals, amp simulators and cabs!!!. Thanks!!!


Hi David!

Welcome to the MOD family!

Super awesome to hear you are gigging with your duo already, and I can’t wait to see what you are doing with it!

Hope all is well,


Welcome on board @David_Pena_Barnes :slight_smile:
I just raised your “trust levels” so you must be now able to post/interact anywhere around this forum.




Hi everyone,
I’m Pavel, I’ve been on this forum for couple of months, mostly just passively reading, since I am still waiting form my Dwarf. I’ve always been fan of straight forwardness of single purpose pedals, however I decided to downsize my pedalboard to more touring-friendly size and I intend to build my new compact board around MOD Dwarf. I hope I will be able to handle this very different approach to building my sound and this forum and community seems like a very good and helpful place to do so.

I run my small business in handcrafting musical instruments - specifically I build kalimbas. I plan to use Dwarf mostly with my electric kalimbas that I use in multiple bands as well as for my solo performances. I am excited to start this new adventure.

cheers from Czech Republic


Welcome Pavel! Excited to see/hear what you can do with your kalimbas and the Mod! Please share with us!


Hi Pavel!

Welcome to the MOD Family!

I’m really hoping that the Dwarf fits your needs.

I was a big pedal hound for a long time and I’m happy to say that for my uses, the dwarf replaced all of the pedals I was using.

I love unique instruments! I’ve been eyeballing an electric kalimba that had a delay/Reverb built in, but I’d love to see your work and offerings. I’m always down to try new instruments for fun sounds.

Would you please DM me a link to your shop if you don’t mind?

Hope you are doing well,


Welcome, @pavel! (officially :wink: )

I’m really curious to see your setup with Kalimbas. Please share some videos when you can.

If you guys allow me to step in here, I would even say @pavel that you should share it publicly as well :wink:


I am excited as well and I will surely share, once I get my Dwarf.

You can see my work on my instagram profile, you will find there also pictures of my current pedalboard setup that will be hopefully replaced with the smaller one built around Dwarf.
My e-shop is currently just for Czech Republic, so I am not putting a link here. All foreign orders goes trough personal communication.


Check out this kalimba pedalboard :wink:



New here. I first came across DUO-X through @solobasssteve (& another Steve, but if he’s here I don’t know his user name). The GUI interface is so slick, efficient & intuitive! I’ve work with computers for many many years & I don’t think I’ve seen better. :smiley:

I’ll be using the DUO-X with a Chapman Stick which is a stereo instrument, so the two inputs with independent (but mixable) signal paths are spot on. There are even a few Stick related pedalboards already available, which is great for start-up ideas & experiments.

I was surprised that I couldn’t creat a New Topic yet (I have a ‘help’ question), but I gather that’s just because I’m new & that the facility will appear in due course? Maybe it doesn’t help that I joined over Christmas/New Year?. My query isn’t a critical thing, just a thing I’m surprised I can’t do & suspect it may be possible but I’m missing something obvious. I’ll be patient…


Hi David!

Welcome to the MOD Community!

Very excited to see what you end up creating with your DuoX!

In terms of posting, one of the Mod Team will need to upgrade your permissions on the forums to let you post.

It’s nice to meet you!

Hope all is well,