Licensing model for multi-device owners

Hi guys,

We’ve been recently inquired in this thread regarding our licensing policy for plugins when a particular user owns multiple devices.

So far we only had one product (Duo) and we didn’t put much thinking on what would happen to users that owned a Duo with a few purchased plugins and then ends up buying a second device. The question is fairly simple:

Does the plugin license extend to multiple devices?

With the imminent shipping of the first DuoX units we revisited this question and my initial answer, based on past discussions that our team had internally, was: no, it doesn’t extend to multiple devices.

So we decided to give it a second thought and this time we ended up arriving at a different conclusion. Users that happen to be owners of multiple MOD devices are our most loyal fans and they deserve better.

It also makes more sense if you think that licenses belong to people, not devices. We already stated earlier that licenses could be transferred at the owner’s choice.

So from now on we will grant users the right to install any plugin license in up to 5 devices.

The only bad news is that we still don’t have a way for users to login to our cloud and identify themselves so we’ll need you to send us an email stating:

  • Name
  • Email
  • List of device serial numbers

Having an identity service for our users is definitely in our backlog but we don’t want to hold this any longer so we’ll take the manual approach for now.

Feel free to ask any questions.



great news, @acunha!

…a wonderful statement of loyalty to your loyal users! :slight_smile:

the decision to allow multi-device use on a limited number of machines is a sensible solution; 5 seems completely reasonable to me.

now, just for fun, let’s examine a “corner case”… if i own more than 5 devices (not yet, but who knows!!!), i guess i could purchase 2 licenses for a given plugin. at that point, would i still be able to freely and transparently install the plugin on any one of my 10 (!) devices, or would i somehow have to manage which devices correspond to which license?

[…plutek now waits eagerly for the day he can afford 5 Duos and 5 Xs…] :crazy_face:


This is obviously a very technical community because we get these kind of questions!
To be honest, I likely would be asking myself the same if I was on the other side as well… :joy:

I don’t have the answer you are looking for (leaving that to acunha), but I can tell you I will also wait the day you can afford 10 Duo/X units! :smiley:


As Dwarf Betas are rolling out and the potential number of multiple Mod device owners increases, is this still the best method to authorize previously purchased plugins on a new device? And if so, which email address should we send this info to? Thanks!

Definitely not the “best” but unfortunately it’s the only one available. Please send your email to


OK thank you!

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