Mod Duo X displays flickering since Release 1.10


With the update to release 1.10, my displays are flickering. Strangely enough, only when the encoders are moved in the first third.

How to reproduce

Just move the encoders.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to see on this video. But it’s there … :wink:

Hey Thomas,

Did this just start happening with the update? If you downgrade the firmware does it happen or it works fine?
Check here how to downgrade it.
Please download the previous firmware for that and follow the steps described on Manual Update.

HI @jon,

I’m sorry: I don’t have that much time right now. The display only flickers on some pedal boards and not on all. Sometimes more and sometimes less. When I have a little more time, I will examine it a little more closely and install the old version of the operating system as a test.

Hey @Thomas,
Does it happen even without being USB connected? It’s really weird problem.
You can also send us a video.
Please when you find the time to check it and if it’s not solved, write to
Add your serial number and probably a video will also help us out.

Hi @Thomas and @jon
I’ve the same “problem” with my new Mod Duo X.
It’s not really a big problem because the sound is not affected.
It happens when using knobs with some effect.
I didn’t mentionned this screen issue because I thought it was normal…

The only thing I can say for sure is that every patch that contains the Gaffa Tape Delay will flicker.

But I cannot imagine that there is a connection.

It doesn’t really bother me either.

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I have the same thing, I think more flickering happens when I adjust gain and yes, most of it occurs between 0 and 25%

Incidentally, the flicker has not occurred since I started using a different power supply.

Just for your information.

You should really think about whether you shouldn’t include a different power supply. That seems to cause a lot of problems.

The overall noise has now also decreased to a tolerable level that I can work with. In between I was a little desperate because I really like the MDX, but the noise bothered me a lot.

I’m pretty happy now.

For those who are interested: I now have a “LEICKE power supply 60W 12V 5A”.


We are trying to figure out the best way to solve this issue. We are aware of some of the things that you mentioned, the problem is that changing the power supply would require different certifications and tests that the results may not be compilant with all the countries rules.

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I have this sometimes as well. I had my DUO X already with 1.10 update so I cannot tell if it is linked to an update. It flickers the same way between 0 and 25% of knob position.
It does not do it all the time, and does not seem linked to the USB connection.
In the test I did just now, there was no flicker during the few minutes after powering the device, then the flickering appeared with no apparent reason.
It seems linked to the brightness : when set at 100%, there is no flickering, when set at 25%, there is flickering.

I recommend you to update to the lastest RC2, because this bug has been fixed there.