Mod Footswitch Update Issue

Hi there!
I’m completly new to Mod world and I just bought a Mod Duo and a Footswitch
I found it easy to get hand on it and I love this device.
I thought I’ll sell my entire pedalborad to keep just the Mod Duo.
I saw the firmware 0.4.0 for the footswith was there but I can’t upgrape mine. On the update page it’s writen “latest firmware 0.3.0.”
I tried to update the Footswitch with succes but it’s still firmware 0.3.0
Any idea?


I think Footswitch display unreadable will help you – currently, as far as I understand, there is no published update yet.


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Ok thnks. I saw this topic this afternoon but didn’t noticed this message.
So we must understand 0.4.0 exist but will be available when the 1.10 version will be released.


That is correct.
The new stuff that 0.4.0 update brings to the footswitch are things that are not implemented in v1.9 or earlier versions, so it does not make sense to provide the update since it does nothing new. (from user POV)

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