Plugin idea: patchable MIDI -> MIDI learn?

there are a number of applications for which it would be really useful to make some stream of MIDI from within the patchable GUI side of things accessible to “MIDI learn”. could there be a plugin that you patch the MIDI into, which makes it show up in the MIDI learn dialogs?

…or is that somehow not feasible?..

We’ve been trying to think of a solution for this, to allow a MIDI plugin before the main host MIDI port, so that incoming MIDI messages can be filtered and modified.
A thing to note is that the host receives MIDI CC from all connected MIDI devices, wherever their ports are shown on the web interface or not.
A meta-plugin or extra port would mean possibly receiving the same event twice (the raw one from the MIDI keyboard, and the filtered/customized one).

We also need to save this configuration somewhere. Would it be per pedalboard, or global?

Suggestions welcome.

yes, @falkTX… you raise some interesting questions about implementation. i’m thinking about not only modified incoming events but also MIDI events generated within a pedalboard.

i would think that it’s up to the user to design the pedalboard to avoid duplicate message problems. in the case of a plugin which modifies incoming MIDI, could there be a switch which passes or blocks the original message? (kind of like dry+wet vs wet-only).

given the inherent flexibility of this sort of thing, i’d vote for a per-pedalboard save.

I vote per-pedalboard as well. Perhaps some option somewhere that adds a MIDI-Learn port to the board and disconnects all the hidden midi connections for midi-learn. I think thats the only way to remove the double-message problem. Unless maybe you have some daemon that just watches and detects a midi connection to the MIDI-Learn port and only disconnects that midi source and will reconnect it if the user-made connection is broken…
but that seems a lot more complicated without much of any real feature addition.

…and since this sort of capability is likely to produce scenarios in which one action simultaneously triggers a bunch of different CC messages controlling various parameters of various plugins, there’s another feature which would make managing it all WAY less cumbersome:

directly editable MIDI assignments (rather than having to go through the whole MIDI learn procedure.

…otherwise, in the scenario above, we’ll have to do a bunch of MIDI learns, turning off all but one of the triggered MIDI CCs each time, and iteratively stepping through them all…


I’m not shure if this is an to this issue, but wanted somehow to sync the looper with a sequencer so what i did was converting the midinotes from the sequencer to a control signal and sent it to midi out. The I used an old fashioned midimerger to feed the midi out back tot the mod again and this seems to work