Work! Access over WiFi with GL.iNet GL-MT300Nv2

Tested and worked with ModDuoX
Very simple.
Purchase this GL-MT300N-V2 / Mango - GL.iNet

Install this firmware (need to register, use google translate to translate from Russian) GL.iNet GL-MT300N - 4PDA

Connect SSID: OpenWrt
Go web-interface of router
Login: root
Go tab Network → Interfaces
Find interface called HILINK-> Edit-> tab Physical settings
Select interface: usb0
Save-> Save&Apply

Change SSID to whatever name
Set Password for SSID

Now you can load web GUI via WiFi connection. Loading fast, same as by cable.

How it loads on phone


Thanks a lot for this! I was about to buy the mini router but then I thought, that you might be knowledgeable enough to help me find a better solution for my setup.

My Duo lives in a rack near a Raspberry Pi which in turn is Ethernet-connected to my router/switch. I would like to hook up the Duo to the USB-Port of the Raspi and make the the Duo’s IP address accessible in my home network ( Do you have any idea how to accomplish that? It is probably gateway functionality I am looking for… but I am not entirely sure whether that is the right terminology. Thanks in advance for your advice, @Eikni!

Hello! Unfortunately I don’t know how establish connection with Raspi. My idea was to use DuoX as “4g Dongle” and this worked out. Only few messages being on this forum about this topic

This is the most detailed one

Maybe will help you.


Nice find! I had completely forgotten about this thread and should be able to get this working with the procedure given there. Cheers!