MOD DUO X hardware controls freezed

My MOD DUO X hardware does not respond, the software seems ok

When I start the device, both displays light up, Left shows “MOD DUO” the right on “X”. But after that nothing more happens. None of the buttons light up. Anyway I can pass sound through the device, and even connect it with the web interface, edit stuff, change pedalboards and so on. Only the hardware elements seem dead. The LEDs for input and output signal are working.

Additional information

System: Mod Duo X running from July 26
Kernel aarch64, release 4.9.123-rt125-duox version #6 from July 26, too.

Dear @Marc,

Please send us an email to and our tech team will help you with that.

See if changing pedalboard to ‘new’ and doing a power cycle makes the device screen come up again.
Maybe the “last” pedalboard is causing some issue… ?

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Thanks for the offer, but it finally works as intended again. Don’t know exactly why, but I hope it won’t return…

The same thing happened once with my DuoX. I suspected it was because the FCB1010, which I had saved in the preset, was not connected when I switched on. Can that be a reason? (Is there a debug mode / logfile where you can see this?)
After a restart everything was OK again.

I had nothing connected to the Duo X.

Please try 1.9.2, we have a fix for that.

If it still happens, please tell us, so we have to keep digging.

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Hi i got a problem after Updating to 1.9.2

The Mod Duo X Bootscreen shows all the time but the Duo X is Online because i can open the GUI.
Ive updates The Mod Duo several times without any problem but after i restart the Duo X 2-3 Times the bootscreen always show.

i also tried
hmi-update /usr/share/mod/controller/mod*controller.bin

than it works for 1-2 restarts and next day same thing :frowning:

best regards

I’ve had this bug, in two different ways (with the latest software update) - firstly exactly as Marc says and then a version where when trying to load the pedalboard on screen, it got to a certain point then thr lights on the Duo X flashed and the laptop screen says “disconnected”. Unplug and replug resulted in the same thing, the way I got round it was loading the system screen straight away and clicking reboot. That time everything loaded properly…?

This still happens with my ModDuoX, even with the update to Release 1.9.2. :frowning:

Is something being done for or does the problem only occur with a few users?
You are welcome to use ssh to login to my ModDuoX and have a look and debug.